Debuting the Github Profile

As a first step to having Matilda as a fully open source, micro-serviced AI, I created the first repository on Matilda’s GitHub, it’s small step, as it’s a deadly simple API for weather forecasting, but it will be a keystone for her first meaningful functionality. This will enable me to ask Matilda about the weather and

Hello Arduino! First parts have arrived

So the first parts have arrived, way ahead of schedule, thanks AliExpress! Here it is: And here’s how far I got: Since I don’t know a thing about electronics, it’s all pretty overwhelming, resistors, capacitors, negative, positive, ground… Phew! All of this is pretty new, I mean I knew some of these names but what

The beginning

All of this began around 6+ years ago when I went on an Arduino workshop at the university, by the end of it I was thrilled with what I learnt I could do with Arduino, went home really keen on buying me one of those marvellous life-creating boards. The pricing, however, wasn’t as friendly at the